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December 16, 2006 by wmsco
I am 48 yrs old. I am basically a skilled machinist/construction and heavy equipment Operator. I have raised 4 Sons.
As I have strived to grab a piece of the American dream. I have had many encounters that have tried to take that away from me! First of all let it be said I have not been foolish. Let’s just say the rules and regulation and programs followed by more programs are not working for the American people in general to achieve success. It has been a showboat, smoke, not real. With this b...
November 20, 2005 by wmsco
I am of the opinion that Oil co. should be scheduled and monitored and should not be left alone to do what they will with our nation’s resources! Furthermore the Oil co. has shown us twice now that they have no concern about the economical impact they make! And with absolute no regard that fuel is the basis of our economy. Plus has made mergers to put them in a monetary position for financial gain! The Oil co. has not made upgrades in our domestic Oil resources or Refineries or domestic explorat...
November 15, 2005 by wmsco
Gas Gouging with a Senatorial twist

Sen. Johnny Isakson

November 13, 2005

ComEd is one of those behind the
37% plus increase in power rates
The OL Senate Committee joke

November 12, 2005 Past week Update:
November 7, 2005 Channel 32 NEWS saying across the country the price at the pumps dropped $0.24. I wander if they were selected gas stations, I am asking this because the reporter was somewhat hesitant and in my area 15-mile radius there was about a $0.12 drop. I...
November 9, 2005 by wmsco
None of our congressmen are asking the right questions! Katrina Okay I accept that one. Where are they records of what they paid for the oil and when and how long does it take to get here? Because every event that happen our gas went up and this has happen since we sent our troops over seas. To my knowledge when oil was purchased it takes 5 to 10 days to get here by ship and another 7 days or so at the refinery and to location so that being said you can see why I say we were being gouged becaus...
September 18, 2005 by wmsco
Please read this linkhttp:// are the price gougers!
August 24, 2005 by wmsco
Our goverment should of not acknowledge this claim of assasination by a response!Pat Robertson can say what he wants he is a American and that is his right. The Ideal of a foriegn country trying to pend some action on one mans opinion here on our soil, our forefathers of this country would be rolling in their grave to hear such a thing and if were here would of said kiss my foot and grow up!
August 23, 2005 by wmsco
News Media has said "NO difference at the pump" Well  what choice do we have? We are not just driving around most of us are going to work or getting grocery's. Let me paint the media a picture.  Back the clock to $1.30 a gallon before we sent the troops over . The house mortgages were down so the American dream was possible to have a home and to get away from suburban for better schools and less crime rate. So people are driving 25 to 30 miles to work one way and enjoying what they hav...
April 6, 2005 by wmsco
Instead of handing out our money to other countries how about handing out money to  solve the social security problem Instead of aid to other countries how about aid to health care  to lower our cost of good health or how about aid to the education system or aid to finding new oil in our country  to get off of foreign Oil or aid to help us from losing 1/3 of our paycheck from higher energy cost or aid for our nations highway system or aid for the homeless: The government needs to take care of i...
January 26, 2005 by wmsco
We have passed Legislation limiting the Rights of smokers, where they can Eat, what restaurants, what jobs, put out in the cold, what appartments etc., the list goes on and on!
 Did we do this to the different nationalities?  Did we legalise a certain life style?
If we squeeze out the last smoker, who is next?